Welcome to Crypto Politicians, we're a NFT project which looks forward to motivate people to adopt new digital and decentralized ecosystems. Our main goal is to improve people's confidence in metaverse projects. Nowadays, everyone seeks to express freely their thoughts without censorship, so that's what we intend to, to create a decentralized communication channel where people can be free to interact and express their will. 

Joining the project, you're going to be part of something bigger than ourselves. You're going to be one step closer to break the chains that lock our society, you'll become an Illuminated, that's what we are. Being a Revolutionary has its benefits, we're interested in have a very educated community, so you're going to have access to financial courses, early exposure to new tokens, opportunities to take part in our incoming special events and have recognition in the charitable acts that are carried out. 

Which is the destiny of some of the project's incoming?

  • 20% Will be donated to charitable foundations around the world
  • 60% Will be reinvested in new collections and new projects inside the Crypto Politicians environment
  • 20% Will be destinated to the currency liquidity of our tokens


Bad politics have leaded hundreds of nations to economic and humanitarian crisis, causing the ruin of their countries and disgrace for their people. Also, they've silenced everyone who tried to stand in front of them washing their hands and depriving people from their free will...


Marvel has The Avengers, DC has The Justice League, but you, the people, the world, you have us, CRYPTO POLITICIANS is looking to fight in the shadows for all of us, for our free will, our economy and for our future in a way you haven't seen before.
So don't waste your time anymore and join us, join the crypto revolution...